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We're changing the whole game

our mission

Our mission is digitizing businesses to make them more transparent, accountable, profitable and impactable.

our vision

Make this world more prosperous through digitization of businesses and process.

about us

Codistan is a complete design studio with web design and development, software development, mobile app development, brand design, social media marketing and internet marketing. The company aims to holistically cover all areas of the virtual market by providing an integrated ecommerce solution to its customers.


We believe in digital democratization and access for everyone of a digital level playing field which can make people and businesses prosper to tackle the challenges of the world. The world is changing at an exponential rate, as a digital enabler we believe in adapting to that and providing the same opportunity to our clients in digital realm. We as dreamers, innovators and gamechangers live in reality distortion field where we like to challenge the status quo to achieve the improbable and infeasible in whatever we do.


We work with business who believe in what we believe and have a close assessment at what they are doing, how they are doing it and what they could do in a realty distorted field. We then take the next step of not only finding a path of reaching to our goals, but also enable them to take every step that is needed. Failure is our favorite trophy as it helps us grow the most and tackle the improbable from inside out.


We provide digital solutions like digital marketing, app and web based software solutions, processes automation and converting your dreams into reality as a service. We cover the domains of social media marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing, mobile apps development, e-commerce solutions, web solutions and process automations.


Digitalization is evolving the world at a pace faster than ever before and progress and prosperity are now more than ever accessible and inclusive. Digital products are a by product of a process in which innovators make people believe in what they believe in and nurture their teams to create an end product and look for people who believe the same for their acceptance. As a team, this is the very philosophy that drives us to deliver our best. The ability to empathize, adaptability to exponential changes, deliver under high pressure, personal sacrifice for better good and dream big is what that makes team so indispensable.
We are young and energetic people who believe in going beyond limits to create infinite value from everyday opportunities. The story of our lives is very simple. We began how most companies begin, with sugar and spice and everything nice. We strived and we struggled and we built ourselves a castle made of sand. And like the saying goes, we know castles made of sand fall into sea if they’re not constantly kept in check. Believing in that, we work hard, day in day out to make this castle of ours taller and stronger. We believe in the value of hard work , dedication and determination and give no less than our maximum potential towards this dream we started building together.

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