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BizB - Ecommerce Platform

Our partner BizB is a preloved apparel marketplace aimed at transforming the way apparel is consumed in Pakistan by bringing the concept of buying and selling preloved to help people wear what they love without having to spend thousands of rupees on it.

Our partner wanted to run a campaign to help break the social stigma attached with buying second hand. For that they wanted to show buying preloved as something that is fashionable and that was our main objective for this particular campaign.


Sehrish Raza


Khalid Islam


January 21, 2019


The Challenge

Sustainability and ethical consumerism is one of the biggest issue in the fashion industry for which solutions are being sought after. If we look at the micro level of this problem, women inherently love to look their best. This need is sometimes driven by the social pressure for working and university going women to look their part and sometimes it’s just driven by the need for women to celebrate their love of fashion and wanting to look on point/insta ready, day in day out!’

Ecommerce platform

To solve this problem, we have come up with the simple solution of building the first marketplace in Pakistan allowing women to buy and sell preloved dresses helping them earn money by selling off their preloved dresses, save money and protect the earth.
BizB aims to make every household’s wardrobe virtual housing the largest variety of preloved apparel making sustainability stylish! 3 dresses/wardrobe. 100000 wardrobes. Making BizB house to one of the biggest variety of stylish preloved apparel. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Digital Strategy as

Understanding our customers psychology, we understood that to normalize the concept of second hand buying, we needed to show faces our potential audience could relate to and we needed these faces to portray wearing BizB as something that’s the new trend in fashion making it look “cool”. So now as a digital strategy, we are pushing the message of “Preloved is the new new” targeting fashionistas rather than highlighting that this is a platform for price sensitive people.

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