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Eat’n-Why you need a Technology Partner

Problem identification:

Getting food or drinks on the go is stressful. Rush hours make it worse! You have to wait 20 minutes in line for your morning coffee and bagel – at the same time you’re projecting whether you’d be able to catch the train or get to your meeting in time. Whether you decide not to get your meal or wait, get stressed and get your favorite meal – it’s a pretty bad start. We’re here to change that! Eat’n is focusing on providing Order Ahead capabilities to your favorite cafes and restaurants. Place an order before you reach and pickup when you arrive. Simple.

Where we came in!

Codistan as technology partner of Eat’n not only built their team but manages still the human capital and provides its services for all Human resource related domain. At the core of it, Codistan helped Eat’n kickstart its startup journey and grow to ultimately deliver on its vision of order ahead and help people eat the right way. We also helped five people getting career opportunity and kickstart their jobs for a California based technology company.


Currently, Eat’n a running business with 50+ vendors. And currently they are looking to expand in new geographies in which we are helping them as a technology and marketing partner. If you have a business to kickoff and digital isn’t your game, let us take the lead and help you achieve all your dreams!

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