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Med Exam Expert - Web Platform

Med exam expert is an online LMS system designed to help medical students prepare for certification exams while sitting at home. Its aim is to house the best quality content and mentors to help students ace their exams. Med exam expert’s main aim is to help doctors progress in their careers and make that process easier, convenient and more efficient for them.

They started with just a social media page and at that point students and mentors communicated with each other through social media platforms like WhatsApp and telegram. However, it was an inefficient process for them to cater to a larger pool of students. So, once the business kicked off they decided to build an LMS system to house everything on one platform helping them scale their business and cater to more students. That is where Codistan came in to help Med exam expert go digital!


Med Exam Expert


Khalid Islam


January 21, 2019


The Challenge

An LMS system is a complex system which houses various features on one platform. We understood the requirements of the clients and the main stakeholders to design an LMS system which could easily be adapted and was efficient at the same time. So, we started working on the web and app portal which included everything from content library to live sessions to schedules for students etc.

Each successful brand begins with defining what the brand stands for. Med Expert was a brand that was developed to help students prepare for exams in the most efficient way possible. So the persona associated with the brand is a reliable experienced teacher with a plethora of information who is always ready to help however possible. We have highlighted two things in all our marketing collateral i.e. “reliability” and “accessibility” which will become our brand identity in the long run.

Technology Stack

For the web version of this application, firebase, express and react node were used, which are part of the MERN stack. For the mobile app, react native was used. Additionally, firebase analytics & cloud functions were also employed.

Web based platform

The website has been designed to give students the simplest interface possible with features that would help them receive the maximum benefit. Each student has a list of preparatory material including live videos of mentor sessions and mock exams to test their knowledge at regular intervals of their preparatory journey. So, Med exam expert becomes a part of the entire journey with the students even to the point of giving them reminders at set intervals to complete their daily tasks and targets.

App on the go

Med Exam Expert’s app helps students get studying whenever and wherever they are. So it provides doctors the convenience of studying even if they get an hour free during their duty at the hospital. This way, they don’t have to waste time travelling to libraries and can be fast on their way to progressing in their medical careers.

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