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Problem identification:

Digital furniture industry is in its growing phase globally. But in Pakistan, this concept was near to nowhere to be found, a furniture brand with only an online presence providing you the convenience of revamping your homes with just a single click. So, we decided to build an e-commerce platform selling fashionable furniture at the most competitive prices and providing the convenience of getting your dream furniture delivered to your doorstep with the click of a button.

How we developed a need:

To make people comfortable with buying online high value items like furniture was the biggest challenge for us. So we developed a strategy to pull people in and make their first purchase decision. We made sure that we populated the website with designs that either weren’t available in the market but were the trendiest from a global perspective, and even if they were, the price we were offering was the most competitive. Moreover, we gave a personalized service to our buyers by even guiding where they should place their furniture and which furniture would best match their chosen themes.
Global market size is: 
82.1529 billion U.S. dollars
Market size in Pakistan:
12 crore who are millennial


Within 4 months of launch, we have served more than 150 customers with an average order size of Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 1 lakh and some orders going up to Rs. 9 lakh as well with a steady upward growth slope.

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