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social media marketing

Facebook Marketing

Service Writeup Structure:
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businesses should do this
Whom: Our Clients or internal process where we are using this service
How: What’s the execution process of this service in Codistan
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With serving more than two billion monthly users, Facebook has surely become one of the
giant mediums of the modern day to reach out to people. Some of the stats below show how
Facebook covers a diverse audience and also how the gender split is pretty even. The below
stats clearly show that no matter what gender you are targeting and what age bracket you are
looking into as Facebook covers people of all ages.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram has come a long way from being a photo sharing app mostly used by teenagers and
millennials to being a global social media platform being used by advertisers of all kinds to reach a
younger in the audience using the most creative and engaging ad platforms. Instagram has reached
more than a billion users of varying demographics. Interestingly Instagram engagement rates are
way higher even from Facebook and in 2018 it’s measured as 15% higher than Facebook.
But what makes Instagram so successful and prosperous for marketers? As a fact, 70% of Instagram
hashtags are branded. Business which leverage from the power of influencer and affiliate marketing,
Instgram is preferred by 80% of the collaborators. Instagram has more than 25 million business
profiles of all scales. One of the most interesting facts for businesses is that Instgram users 70%
more likely to do a mobile purchase. All in all, if you are looking a mobile advertising and marketing
platform, Instagram tops the list and is showing no signs of stopping. Codistan has its diverse
portfolio in Instgram marketing, below are a few chosen ones:
3-5 instagram marketing client’s links:
What we offer in Facebook Marketing:
 Profile Creation and Brand Identity Creation Instagram
 Instagram Marketing Planning and Execution
 Instagram Profile Management
 Instagram Content Creation
 Instagram Advertsing
 Instagram Marketing Reporting
 Instagram based E-commerce

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