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Sparen Reality- Web Development for Real Estate Agencies

Grabbing and Explaining Why of Client:

Sparen Realty, founded in Covington, KY and serving the Greater Cincinnati area, is a bespoke concierge style realty service to buying and selling properties through market driven data analytics and a deep understanding of clientele needs. We provide realty services for residential, commercial and investment properties as well as acting as a broker for like-kind / 1031 property investments.
We’re built on a foundation of deep real estate knowledge. We set our roots over 10 years ago in historic remodelling and rehabilitation, we’ve since had the privilege of remodelling and preserving over 25 historic homes. Our business grew to preservation and renovation of historic properties into both single family and multi-unit luxury urban apartments.
Our evolution into a bespoke realty firm has been a perfect complement to our business model and has served our clientele well. We offer both a bespoke concierge service as well as a white gloves service to buying and selling properties. What differentiates us is our deep knowledge in all things real estate. It’s our life.
Sparen Realty belongs to Real Estate industry in United States which is one of the world’s most competitive market. You talk about Digital, technology, designing etc. US has a high-quality bar. The united states have also a very different real estate listing system as well, as all of the real estate can only be listed through a proper agent and then the access to this system is also uniform for anyone. Every property in United States is listed on Multiple Listing Service which is then made accessible through real-time access system.
These were the challenges that were presented to us in this project and by all means we had to achieve these as this was our entry to the United States Real Estate Websites field. We will show you in the planning how we achieved this.

Planning Phase:

The main challenge was to get the domain knowledge of the real estate industry in US and how the website development is done in this industry and also develop things at a pace that matches to client expectations. In order to tackle these charges, in the planning phase what we did we assigned one our key web development resources with total dedication on this project to handle the client as well as getting acquainted with Real Estate knowledge of US market and then further learn on how to use Multiple Listing System and use what technologies to achieve real time listing and have them updated all the time.


What happens when you execute an awesome idea with bad execution, simple mathematics; it gets multiplied by zero. So, again emphasizing on this execution is the King.
We started with our domain research on real estate in US and as our client was super helpful so, what we did was we grabbed most out of our client in this context. Now, by getting proper domain knowledge and get to MLS. We looked to forward to finalize technology for this project.
We finalized WordPress as the development technology for this and form there on looked to use things around it as it had good support for Multiple Listing Service. From there on, we interacted with the Multiple Listing Service Provider to integrate it with the website.
Voila, sounds like it’s all done, right?
We talked about “Execution being the King”, Now within the domain of web development there are two things to consider, we design and content.
Content is something, which most people end up undermining. As a basic web development rule, get your content ready and then start to look for the design and development. Not considering content for the website is a mistake, 99% of the delayed portfolio website projects make. Again, thanks to our experience and also our client who understood these points, website content was something that we got ready pretty quickly.
Now it’s time for Design, design is one the most subjective fields, as it ends up being classified “this is looking good” and “this is not looking good”. The point is how does one travel between these two points.
But, we have an experienced team of graphic designers who can grab the required domain knowledge, consider clients requirement and do some magic. This is the design process that we use to deliver our “amazingly designed websites”. So, in this this scenario what we did was considered standard real estate websites in United States, get to know what the client wants and then decoded these in to design guidelines and remaining was just “abra ka dadra”.
Content, Design and development, great a website is done. Not really, there are things beyond this which are part of web development process; hosting it over https, optimizing it, writing SEO friendly tags, making it mobile friendly, responsive across devices, testing it across browsers and making it load in less time.
Wow, all of sudden we are back to scratch, not really. All these things mentioned above are an outcome of a good development process followed or things will be screwed and you will be in a “Point of No return”. That’s why we have developed our development process in way that incorporates all of these requirements itself in the process and then our custom Website sites Quality Assurance Plane assures the execution of these requirements in the final product.


What’s the best result for a web project, its 24/7 availibity online and helping the business meet its business needs.
The website lists more than 5000 properties from Kentucky.
The website has generated more than fifty leads in first three months of its operation.
The website has a 10% increase in traffic over the month.


The website is up running and the business is getting lead generations from it. Secondly, the website lists all of the inventory in a very beautiful and highly easily searchable way so clients love it. The website is a work it, you want one too, right?

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